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Custom Car, Motorcycle, Watercraft Appraisals in Alhambra

If you are like us, you love your car. You have spent countless hours and dollars making it everything you have always dreamed of. We enjoy being around car lovers, and more importantly cars themselves.

Although car people love to spend time and money on their cars, they all too often forget to properly value their car for insurance purposes. Dollar after dollar goes in, but never gets properly documented so that if a catastrophic event strikes, the real cost of putting the car back together gets paid by the insurance company. As collector car owners ourselves, we understand the importance of our product first hand. Fill out the form on the right to get started on your on-sit

Auto Appraisal Network of Ventura  does appraisals for all different types of vehicles including custom/collector cars and trucks, motorcycles, late-model vehicles, boats, antique boats, RV’s, personal watercraft, semi-tractors and car hauler trailers. 

If you’re in the Alhambra area and need an auto appraisal for insurance purposes, diminished value claims, pre purchase inspections, car collection appraisals, divorce settlements, estate planning, financing, bankruptcy or expert witness services, contact Auto Appraisal Network of Ventura.  

We are a locally owned and operated business and part of a nationwide network of certified auto appraisers.  We have many years of experience, so you can rest assured that an appraisal report from us is accurate and complete. Our full color reports are bound and delivered to you within days of completion and are accepted by all major insurance carriers, the legal system and financial institutions. 

We take pride in our work and are as passionate about cars as you are.  Protect your investment by having it appraised by Auto Appraisal Network of Ventura.

Serving Alhambra

Alhambra United States
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Facts about Alhambra

Nestled in the San Gabriel area of Los Angeles County, Alhambra is a city that's home to more than 82,800 people. Conveniently located just eight miles from the Los Angeles city center, the city has origins tracing back to the latter 18th century. Today, Alhambra is known as the "city of homes", owing to the number of historical residential properties found within the city's limits. 

What is now the site of Alhambra was originally part of a 300,000 acre land grant provided to Manuel Nieto. At the time, the land was under the control of Spain. One Mexico won independence from Spain, control shifted to that nation. After the Mexican-American War, the area came under US control. 

Alhambra came to be when Bernardo Yorba, the owner of the property, chose to set up a community bearing a name recommended by his daughter, Ramona. With the aid of his son-in-law, a land developer named Benjamin Davis Wilson, the unincorporated community began to thrive. However, it would be the middle of the 19th century before the community was formally incorporated as a town, then later as a city in 1903. 

Immigrants have long been a source of population growth. This has led to an eclectic populace with Italian, Mexican, and Chinese heritage. Today, there's a thriving Chinese district within the city, complete with restaurants, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, and various types of shops.


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out of 43 ratings

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Custom Car, Motorcycle, Watercraft Appraisals in Alhambra