Why have your vehicle appraised?

Selling a collector vehicle: An appraisal can help when selling a collector vehicle.


Why have your vehicle appraised?

Substandard restoration: Did you pay for the prize winning restoration only to find out that the only prize you win is the "booby prize"?


Why have your vehicle appraised?

Claim settlement: If you are arguing with an insurance company over the value of your vehicle after a loss then an appraisal NOW can be a big help.


Why have your vehicle appraised?

Divorce: Yes, the "D" word. Don't ever let a court or some attorney determine what your vehicle is worth.


Why have your vehicle appraised?

Donation/Gift: The IRS requires an appraisal for any substantial gift to charity or eligible museum, etc.

Auto Appraisal Network, Inc. 2006 – Present Owner and appraiser of a national automotive appraisal franchise. Specializing in classic, custom and collectables vehicles.

Late model and pre-purchase appraisals.
Replacement Value
Fair Market Value
Prior to Loss Value Diminished value
Estate Valuations
Pre-Purchase Inspections
Insurance Disputes

Legal Disputes PRIVATELY HELD PERSONAL COLLECTION 1958 - Present Owned and restored with and without custom modifications personal collection of over 100 classic automobiles and motorcycles within the last 54 years. Including kit and factory built vehicles. Attended and participated in many full custom and classic car shows.

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Auto Appraisal Network provides the best auto appraisal 

reports for custom and collector car valuation needs

in North Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Kern Counties. 

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  • Insurance Insurance What kind of insurance is right for your car?
  • Diminished Value Diminished Value Would you pay full price for a car that has been in an accident and repaired?
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections Pre-Purchase Inspections Not able to get there to touch and see your possible dream car?
  • Custom car appraisals Custom car appraisals
  • Motorcycles appraisals Motorcycles appraisals Yes, we appraise bikes!
  • Boats Boats Living here in Ventura we sometimes spend as much on our boats as we do cars or even our house.
  • Prior to Loss Prior to Loss Has your insurance company offered to settle your total loss claim for an amount for less than you think your car is worth?

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