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If you are like us, you love your car. You have spent countless hours and dollars making it everything you have always dreamed of. We enjoy being around car lovers, and more importantly cars themselves.

Although car people love to spend time and money on their cars, they all too often forget to properly value their car for insurance purposes. Dollar after dollar goes in, but never gets properly documented so that if a catastrophic event strikes, the real cost of putting the car back together gets paid by the insurance company. As collector car owners ourselves, we understand the importance of our product first hand. Fill out the form on the right to get started on your on-site Wasco car appraisal.

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Facts about Wasco

Wasco (formerly, Dewey and Deweyville) is a city in the San Joaquin Valley, in Kern County, California, United States. Wasco is located 24 miles (39 km) northwest of Bakersfield, at an elevation of 328 feet (100 m). The population was 25,545 at the 2010 census, up from 21,263 at the 2000 census.

Wasco is the headquarters of the Tejon Indian Tribe of California, a federally recognized tribe of Kitanemuk, Yokuts, and Chumash indigenous people of California.


The name Dewey was in honor of Admiral George Dewey, a hero of the Spanish–American War. The Deweyville post office opened in 1899, and changed its name to Wasco in 1900.

The origin of the name Wasco is subject of two different theories: (1) That it was coined from Western American Sugar Company; and (2) that a resident from Wasco County, Oregon named it for that.

Wasco is the site of the Fourth Home Extension Colony, founded in 1907 by the American Home Extension Association.


One of Wasco's major economic activities is its agriculture, specifically the growing of roses. 55% of all roses grown in the United States are grown in or around Wasco.

In addition to agriculture, oil and gas extraction is a significant part of the local economy. The large Semitropic Oil Field is along State Route 46 about 7 miles west of town. Formerly a gas field, the region now mainly produces oil. Vintage Production, an arm of Occidental Petroleum, is the primary operator as of 2010.


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Classic Car Appraisal Services in Wasco, California